Come Dream with Us

Since 2008, Free Rein Therapeutic Riding has been keeping humanity’s appointment with the horse by offering programs rooted in the exciting field of equine-assisted therapy and learning. We now have the foundation of experience and staff expertise to dramatically expand the healing and connection that horses have to offer our community. We currently serve 75 riders weekly.

About that many others on our waiting list; we could begin serving immediately if we had the funding. Beyond that, we dream of growing a state-of-the-art equine learning and teaching center that can not only meet the special needs of the physically and emotionally challenged, but that can partner with schools to serve their students, link up with health professionals to strengthen their therapy teams, and collaborate with others to spread the horse’s gifts. Down the road we also hope to offer a tranquil country escape where everyone can come for peace, reflection, and renewal.

Please help us make this dream come true by clicking the Donate button now and by sharing this website with everyone you know—not just “horse people” but all your friends who would like to leave the world a better place. And please take a moment to mosey around the Free Rein site and get to know us a little better.

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