Meet Our Horses


Born in 2000

Breed: Percheron & Paint
Horse Traits: Does not know how big he is

Owned By: Diane

With Free Rein Since Spring 2014

Born in 1995

Breed: Welsh Pony & Fjord
Horse Traits: Steady, loves mud, always shedding, has never missed a meal

Owned By: Free Rein

With Free Rein Since August 2009

Born in 2000

Breed: Norwegian Fjord
Horse Traits: Slow and steady, very tolerant

Owned By: The Jones Family

With Free Rein Since May 2009

Born in 1995

Breed: Fjord
Horse Traits: For a Fjord, she likes to go! Loves class.

Owned By: Jocelyn

With Free Rein Since Fall 2014

Born in 2002

Breed: Appaloosa
Horse Traits: Loves to flip his hay bag. Tries very hard to earn being a therapy horse.

Owned By: Nancy

With Free Rein Since Spring 2015

Born in 1998

Breed: Fjord
Horse Traits: Likes her space, has never missed a meal, likes her riders, only female Fjord at Free Rein

Owned By: Sara

With Free Rein Since February 2013

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